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Established in 2003, Claxton Gates Contracting Inc. is a full service renovations company. At Claxton we help turn your house into your dream home. We do everything from  home renovation and restoration, to interior design to exterior landscaping. We cater to both commercial and residential projects throughout the Greater Toronto Area. 


Claxton Gates Contracting Inc. holds several beliefs close to our heart. We believe in Quality Personnel, Open Communication and Trust. Together these pilars have helped grow our business, our company's reputation and the satisfaction of our clients. 


Quality Personnel

At Claxton we are fully licensed and insured and are covered by WSIB. Claxton strives to  deliver the best and in turn only deals with reputable and licensed subcontractors and suppliers. We insure all our work for up to one year after completion, or as otherwise specified on individual contracts. Over the years we have developed many relationships with other people in the industry and we make sure that when our name is on any project, the service provided is by professional subcontractors.


Open Communications

We are here to service the clients and provide them with thier dream home. Each job begins with a walkthrough. A list of all renovations that are desired are noted and then reformatted into a quote for the client to look over before commencement. From the initial stages of the renovation, throughout the job and all the way untill completion, we encourage feedback and communication from our clients. Each renovation is a journey, and without the customers we would not be on it. Communication is key.



Each renovation project we do requires a certain level of reliance on Claxton to do our job. We have built our reputation over the years by providing the customer with what we say we will. It is essential that every customer renovating thier home feel comfortable with thier contractors. At Claxton, we offer full discosure on all prices and cost associated with each individual project before we begin. Our team comprises of friendly and responsible employees and our company is family owned and run. 





Michael Artibello


Michael Artibello has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Starting out as an electriciation, he established his first renovation company ​in 1997. In 2003, after living several years abroad he began Claxton Gates Contracting, now known as Claxton Gates Contracting Inc. He is our CEO and majority owner. 


In 2001, he fullfilled his childhood dream and moved with his family to "retire" in Italy. The timeless Italian achitecture is something that has always inspired him and is reflected in the designs of some of his favourite jobs.

Michael Artibello Jr. Project ManagerLoc

Michael Jr. has been involved in Claxton since its inception. Since graduating from school in 2013 he has become our full time
Project Manager.

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